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NMSU WordPress Theme

Over the past few years, the Campus Web Group, ICT, and Marketing and Communications have been working together toward the goals of refreshing the NMSU web presence and of establishing WordPress as the leading option for the management of university websites.

Part one of this project was completed with the launch of the 2014 design of the NMSU homepage. Part two of the project undertook the development of an NMSU-branded WordPress theme for campus web developers to use in their own projects that followed the design elements introduced by the 2014 NMSU Home Page. The latest iteration of the NMSU Home Page contains new web branding elements for 2015 including a flattened design, updated fonts, and a fixed header element.

Part three of the project introduced a new theme version for WordPress. You can view an online feature sheet for the NMSU WordPress Theme version 2.0. As part of the new version of the theme, the Bootstrap CSS framework has been incorporated to standardize features and open up a new world of integration options. Part three of the project also focuses on wider adoption of the theme to promote a more unified web experience across the NMSU web domain, and it focuses on future stability to decrease the burden of adoption and updating on the web content and development community.

Get the Theme

Download the latest version of the NMSU WordPress theme. (Version

Feedback and bug fixes

Campus web developers are encouraged to offer feedback about the theme through the Yammer Campus Web group. To join the group:

  1. Sign up for a Yammer account using your NMSU email address.
  2. Contact Phillip Johnson or Teresa Roberts to be added to the group.

Extending the theme

Campus web developers are also encouraged to help extend the theme by contributing their coding enhancements back to the base theme. The goal is to maintain a single, flexible theme for developers to use without the need for extensive customization of the theme code.

In situations where customization is required, the NMSU theme can be used as the base for your own child theme.

We will be using GitHub as a code repository and version control tool. To learn more, join the conversation on Yammer.

Documentation and training

As this project moves forward, this page will expand to include more information about using WordPress and the NMSU theme. Information about formalized WordPress training for NMSU employees can be found at:

WordPress resources

Updated: January 14, 2016